BioComp aims to describe and prioritize specific skills/competences in the Biobased economy (BBE), additional to the existing ESCO skills description and to develop an on-line tool based on Learning Scenarios to create personalized training programs for workers in the BBE.

This project is primarily aimed at Vocational Education and Training (VET), with a focus on further training of workers in the Biobased (circular) economy. After this project, workers can create their own individual training scheme, for their unique situation. This will lead to optimizing their training pathway and to better economic results for the companies.

Further objectives are:

  • to have a view on the present and future needs of VET trainers and SMEs for BBE-materials;
  • to facilitate VET schools and training centers and local businesses to intensify their cooperation in the field of BBE (training);
  • to have the 40 most relevant competences regarding BBE at hand, according to ESCO systematics;
  • to use different learning scenarios to set up individualised training programs to improve learners’ competences and skills regarding BBE;
  • to explain and to promote the possibilities of BioComp to VET teachers and trainers, to stimulate them to use the communication platform and to look for international cooperation in further circular economy activities.
Marek Botek PhD
Project Coordinator

Feel welcome to contact us for further information and advice.