Degree programs

The UCT School of Business has two full-time degree programs taught in English. Each allows students to select concentrations or majors, providing adequate flexibility in pursuing particular career paths, while maintaining a robust core and consistent quality. There are also Double Degree options being developed with international partners.

The BSc graduates (3-year or 4-year) are well prepared to continue in the MSc program if they choose to do so.

Several PhD Programs at UCT offer doctoral training with School of Business supervisors. The School of Business is also currently preparing its own PhD Program and its Professors supervise doctoral students at other faculties.

Moreover, several degree programs at the School of Business are taught in Czech, or in a combination of Czech and English.

Prof. Jan Vlachý PhD
International Programs Director
Miloš Krejčí MSc
International Office Manager
Martina Hlinková MSc
International Programs Assistant
Marie Chajdová MSc
Admission Officer

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