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Got questions? Write and speak to one of our Admission Representatives – please contact us at business.admission@vscht.cz to establish one on one contact for the whole admission process. Scroll below for some basic answers to the most frequently asked questions when applying for the Bachelor or Master Degree programs and Preparatory Program at the UCT Prague School of Business.

Our Admission Representatives are ready to answer any of your questions and will be pleased to help you with the whole Admission Process - explain the admission requirements, inform you about the tuition fees and living in Prague, provide you with all the necessary documents needed for your visa application (if needed) and pick you up at the Prague Airport at the time of your arrival.

Why study with us?

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You’ll become part of - and graduate from - one of the most prestigious Czech Universities, joining a community of international students and expert professors.

See more details at https://business.vscht.cz/162-why-and-how and our students’ testimonials at https://business.vscht.cz/904-testimonials and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


When and how can I apply for the study program?

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You can apply anytime during the year (October – June preferably) and start your Admission to our Bachelor and Master Degree programs September intake or Preparatory Program September intake. Visa students need five month lead-time as a minimum – apply in April at the latest.

You can also apply for the Preparatory Program February intake.


Do I need to provide any documents or information in support of my application?

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For your successful application, we are asking you to send us:

- Your Resumé (CV)

- Motivation Letter (300-400 words)

- Scan of passport

- School graduation certificate/Diploma

- School results for the last 4 years of the secondary school (1st - 3rd year, 1st semester of the 4th year), including

- subjects

- teaching hours

- result / grade


- Transcript of Records of your Bachelor Studies


- Language Certificate (if owned) or Confirmation of previous studies in English (if relevant)

Please prepare all the documents in PDF format.

We will also ask you to fill our “Application Form” and “Pre-enrolment Questionnaire”.


What are your admission requirements?

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For successful admission, students are:

- required to be at least B2 level in English language (according to CEFR)

- required to take an online admission test consisting of

- Fundamentals of Mathematics (for BSc applicants) or Fundamentals of Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (for MSc applicants)

- English

* Students with excellent study results do not have to take the admission test (your Admission Representative will provide you with details according to your degree of study).

** Students who hold a Certificate in English (at least a B2 level in English according to CEFR or equivalent) or have studied fully in English do not have to take the test in English.


What is a recognition of foreign education and diplomas (nostrification)?

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Applicants who acquired their previous education abroad need to apply for a recognition of foreign education in order to enroll at a University in the Czech Republic.

It is necessary to obtain an official document verifying that your education, which you have completed abroad, is equal to the education in the Czech Republic.

We offer recognition of your foreign education as a part of your admission process at our University. Your Admission Representative will provide you with requirements according to your degree of study and will assist you with the process.


How much are my registration and tuition fees?

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Registration Fee of 3000 CZK (120 EUR) is payable upon application.

Fee for verification and recognition of your foreign education is 800 CZK (30 EUR).

Students registering for studies commencing in Fall 2023 will be eligible for CZK 90,000 (i.e. approx. EUR 3,700) tuition per year.

The tuition fee will be paid after your enrollment to the study program (in September or in February).


Does UCT Prague offer scholarships?

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UCT Prague offers scholarships for excellent study results or in cases of difficult personal circumstances. Students can apply for financial aid from the second semester of their studies at UCT. More information about financial support and student funding opportunities are available at https://study.vscht.cz/student-life/financial-support-for-students?ecrof#novinka_detail


When should I expect to have a decision on my application?

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Upon successful completion of admission requirements (see above). After March 1 for the September intake and October 1 for the February (i.e. Preparatory Program) intake.


Will accommodation be offered by the University?

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Yes, accommodation may be reserved for you in the UCT Prague Halls of Residence based on your application for accommodation. See more details at https://study.vscht.cz/student-life/accommodation.

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Feel welcome to contact us for further information and advice.