Projects and research

The UCT School of Business organizes events and participates in research projects involving faculty, students, as well as numerous international partners. Our research interests generally fall under four broad categories with the following representative topics:

Economic and Business Studies

  • Valuation and value drivers of firms and projects
  • Innovation management and assessment
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Technology transfer valuation
  • Bankruptcy prediction models
  • Business cycle analyses
  • Real and financial markets
  • Social innovations
  • Labor substitution in Industry 4.0
  • Behavioral economy


History of Engineering, Industrial Heritage and Economic History


Public Administration and Regional Studies

  • Evolution of complex systems
  • Sustainability
  • Strategic planning of sustainable cities and regions
  • Smart cities and regions
  • City competitiveness and resilience
  • Social and economic aspects of Industry 4.0
  • Power in decision-making


HR, Psychological and Intercultural Studies

  • Sustainable HR management
  • Psychological aspects of negotiation
  • Motivation and attitudes
  • Conflicts resolution
  • Digital technologies and information society
  • Intercultural competences


Current projects

Completed projects

Prof. Vít Pošta PhD
Coordinator for Science and Research
Magda Matušková MA

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