Digital Wellbeing

The overall objective of Digital Wellbeing for Higher Education Lecturers (DWEL) is clear: design, develop and implement a new approach to train HEI lecturers and managers in digital wellbeing. The end result will be to improve educators’ own digital competences, while also boosting the capacity of HEIs to manage the digital transition in a way that marries high quality teaching with the wellbeing of those involved.

Lecturers in particular face a higher risk of digital overload or burnout than ever before. Long hours sitting in front of artificially lit screens, improvised home settings, the challenge of communicating effectively online and the constant flow of communications from bosses, colleagues and students present them with a radically new set of challenges.

Our smart objectives are:

  • Produce 3 new resources that enable the integration of policy and practice to support digital wellbeing for lecturers and encourage proactive behaviour at personal level;
  • Rigorously use, test and refine the resources in collaboration with 72 managers/department heads and 96 lecturers, optimising their effectiveness and preparing our consortium partners for immediate implementation;
  • Ensure strong uptake of the resources with a persuasive promotion campaign so that 240 HE managers, department heads & lecturers use the resources in the project lifespan, with hundreds more after completion.
Marek Botek PhD
Michael John Diaz MA
Dagmar Charvátová PhD

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