The aim of the project is to support educators and learners to apply open-access digital tools and platforms more widely and creatively for high-quality and impactful digital content creation in line with the EU Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu).

We bring together educators, life-long learners in universities and companies, and industry players to co-create agile and easy-to-use mobile learning assignments and modules that introduce a variation and meaning to online learning and build learners’ competencies in collaborative digital storytelling and social engagement.

Digital storytelling as a method combines a rich variety of digital communicative elements, which effectively reflect a need for novel digital solutions to adapt people as well as businesses, and their products to the COVID-19 era. In the project, the digital storytelling topics focus on different types of sustainable industries, peculiar to the needs of the partners’ respective regions, such as cultural heritage sites, smart city solutions, geoparks, and ecotourism.

Monika Hřebačková MA
Hana Pavelková PhD

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