SME Joint Ventures

Our work on the Visegrad Grant project directly impacts the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector through innovations in education and connects significant institutions in education and economics in the region. The partnership brings a wide range of expertise, new ideas, approaches, and experience to the project, which aims to support SMEs in innovation and development.

The project's main objective is to develop education for SMEs in Visegrad countries (V4). The prepared course aims to understand how companies are launched and managed considering the SME specifics, with the following main objectives:

  • strengthening the abilities and competencies of students to launch startup businesses in V4 regions,
  • stimulating the cross-border entrepreneurship cooperation in the V4 region,
  • building new business networks for SMEs, startups, and research institutions within and outside the V4.

The educational methods will contain joint teamwork of the participating countries' students, the use of digital assets, and online platforms. The new course will be developed to use modern and integrated teaching methods.

The participating institutions' students will thus not only gain knowledge, but will collaborate on specific project-based tasks, experience international teamwork, meet company representatives, and gain practical knowledge.  The students will be able to apply their theoretical subject knowledge in practice and gain international and intercultural experience. Virtual collaboration also develops students' digital and 21st-century skills and professional language competencies.

Summarily, the project prepares students for practice and improves their employment opportunities. 

Dagmar Charvátová PhD
Petra Králová PhD

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