International mobility

Besides full degree programs, the mission of the School of Business will include welcoming international students various mobility programs, bilateral institutional agreements, as well as our International Summer School.

Many School of Business courses are suitable for students taking different majors, and we encourage their enrolments; the School of Business will be happy to provide any student with an enhanced learning experience in diverse classes.

Term exchange programs

At the UCT, enrolments in term exchange programs including Erasmus+ are administered centrally by the UCT Prague Department of International Relations. Each student may select courses across the UCT. 

Exchange students at the School of Business will attend diverse classes combining students from different countries (including Czech degree students) and educational backgrounds (business as well as technology and sciences), which enhances their learning experience.

Courses to be offered by the School of Business
Business Economics 6 W B
Principles of Management 6 W B
Principles of Accounting 6 S B
Principles of Marketing 6 S B
Principles of Project Management 3 S B
Logistics 3 S B
Talent Management 6 W B
Networking in English 3 W B
Intercultural Communication 3 W B
Czech History and Culture 3 W B
Corporate Financial Management 6 W M
Standards of Project Management 6 W M
Lean Manufacturing 6 W M
Marketing Innovations 6 W M
Financial Markets and Risk Management 6 S M
Modern Approaches in Project Management 6 S M
Business Process Management 6 S M
Economic and Financial Modelling 3 W M
Six Sigma 3 W M
Social Competences in Project and Process Management 3 WS M
Concept Note 3 W M


Miloš Krejčí MSc
International Office Manager

Feel welcome to contact us for further information and advice.