ISS for Leaders in Innovation

At the International Space Station (ISS), an international crew of six people live and work while traveling at a speed of five miles per second, orbiting Earth about every 90 minutes. In order to get there, people of various nationalities and from a wide range of professional backgrounds — pilots, doctors, scientists, and even teachers — train for their missions for weeks or months.

At the International Summer School (ISS), an international crew of 50 undergraduate students from different countries and study majors join 20 instructors and organizers to live and work in the heart of Europe for 22 days, 21 nights, 11 trips and events. Before leaving for Prague, they get three weeks of intensive preparation in its unique blended program.

International Summer School students take three courses each worth 3 ECTS, which may be recognized by their home Universities based on the official transcript. Its inspiring teaching environment emphasizes teamwork of undergraduates with different cultural and educational backgrounds, development of diverse talents, and a hands-on approach including project work and individual performance feedback.

Tuition includes full assistance and support to students from their arrival to Prague up to their departure, including individual airport pick-up and discharge. Convenient accommodation is provided in a comfortable dormitory. The itinerary includes organized trips, site visits and sightseeing in Prague and other parts of the country.

In 2022, the International Summer School will take an innovative blended form, while retaining its popular 3-week session in Prague. Its students also became eligible for support by the Erasmus+ Program.

The International Summer School gives many undergraduates their first taste of studying and living abroad. Over the three weeks, boosted by the on-line preparatory phase, friendships, networks and experiences are created that reach beyond borders, cultures and particular professional interests.

Overseas students often use the International Summer School as a convenient starting point for their own exploration of Europe over the rest of their holidays, students from Europe get to know more about their neighbours and neighbourhood. All thus become prepared to achieve their personal internationalization objectives, such as taking part in exchange programs, internships, full degree studies abroad and working for international companies.

International Summer School 2022

We have opened applications for the 2022 International Summer School, taking place in Prague from July 4 through July 22, 2022.

  • Arrivals July 2 - July 3, 2022, we shall pick you at the airport.
  • Departures July 23, 2021, leaving for the home country or follow-up travel itineraries in Europe.

The on-line preparatory phase program commences with a kick-off meeting of all the instructors and students on June 1, 2022.


Leaders in Innovation is a formative course worth 3 ECTS credits. Students will be encouraged to use their particular skills, competences and personal traits to make meaningful team contributions, organize work across functional lines and identify the potential for competitive advantage in the management of innovative projects. They will get opportunities to observe, discuss and apply cases of best industrial practice.
Innovation Makers is an integrative course worth 3 ECTS credits. Students working in teams established and tutored in the preparatory on-line phase will develop, submit and present a project related to the topic, focusing on the complete process of developing innovations from generating new ideas to successful strategies utilized to create value for companies and their customers.
Central European Heritage is a social sciences course worth 3 ECTS credits. An introductory on-line session, networking with partners from other European countries and final debriefing in Prague, events experiencing the Prague City and culture, field trips to other locations in the country, and much more, will enable students to transform their insights and perspectives into a video presentation.


The EUR 1,500 Summer School Fee includes:

  • tuition fee for the 3 academic courses including teaching materials and instruction during the 3-week on-line preparatory phase
  • company visits
  • accommodation and breakfast at the UCT Campus for 22 nights
  • cultural and social events and trips, including a weekend trip
  • season ticket for Prague public transport
  • assistance and advice by our team during the stay in Prague
  • graduation event and farewell dinner


An EUR 350 scholarship is offered to students from our Partner Universities (who will thus pay EUR 1,150 only). In order to make them eligible for the scholarship, universities need to register their students for the International Summer School by April 30, 2022.

Furthermore, students may be eligible for full or partial tuition and/or mobility support from the Erasmus+ Program and other international student mobility support programs. Details will be provided upon request.

To apply, contact one of our Admission Officers at business.admission@vscht.cz.


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"I really fall in love with the city. The people, the food, the culture, the views, everything is so attractive, and I cannot resist it. In the future, I’m considering to have an internship here because I really fall deep in love with Prague!!!!!!”

"Instructors were really nice! I really enjoyed and made good friends. I won’t forget this summer.”

"The summer school course has been very helpful, we got useful knowledge. And the program was planned very carefully. The perfect combination of classes and free time activity like exploring Czech Republic and its culture.”

"Coordinators were very organized and always ready to help us. Thank you for everything!”

It was a very good summer course, the activities that we made with lukas, norik, tamara, michal, jakub etc. were very good, fun and interesting. They made a very good job. I have enjoyed this a lot!! Thank you.”

"It's my first trip to go abroad, so happy for being in Prague and met a lot of friends here. The schedule might be a little tight sometime, but I really enjoy this project. Thanks to all staffs and if there is a chance hoping to meet you in China !”


Swati Kushwaha BSc
Admission Representative
František Ševčík
Admission Representative

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